Willerby Parish Council, Grant Guidelines

Guidelines for grant applications

Please note that ALL sections of this form MUST be completed for your application to be considered for funding by Willerby Parish Council.

Grants applications must be from clubs or organisations which are either based within Willerby Parish, or are situated within close proximity to Willerby and have been established for the purpose of providing facilities specifically for Willerby residents.

Willerby Parish Council will favour applications for small awards -under £150 – and which will be used to whole fund smaller projects. Larger applications or applications for part-funded projects must clearly demonstrate that the club or organisation will be responsible for funding at least fifty percent of the equipment, activity or project costs.

Applications should be made for the purchase of equipment, or to fund an additional activity. These must clearly contribute to, or enhance, the opportunities for residents to participate in, or otherwise enjoy, an increase in sporting, recreational or leisure activities. Please make it clear on you application form how you intend any funding to contribute towards achieving this.

This funding scheme is open to clubs and organisations which meet the afore-mentioned criteria regardless of member’s age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and so forth. Clubs may apply annually where they can demonstrate a new and different need.

In order to audit the effectiveness of this scheme and to ensure accountability and transparency with regard to releasing public funds, we request that each club or organisation will forward appropriate evidence to Willerby Parish Council within 8 weeks of funding being awarded. Suitable evidence may include a purchase receipt, photograph etc. etc. which we may use for publicity purposes where appropriate.

Council will adjudge at the time of application whether the project was urgent and also consider the financial situation of the group at the time.

Grant Application Form